Feral and the Ghost Skater: DAMAGED

Slick Sick PRINT Edition---32 full Color pages

Feral and the Ghost Skater : DAMAGED
is a companion story to the events of Stray Bullet telling the story of Grant (Feral the werewolf's alter-ego) and where his life has led due to his lycanthropy. Starring Grant, his therapist Max, party-promoter Duke, a few dozen pups, a handful of furries... and of course Feral himself.

This slick print edition is professionally printed on nice shiny paper, which shows off the color artwork far better than the self-print version. This version features some tweaked artwork, a more detailed center spread, and a back up story written by yours truly and with artwork by William O. Tyler.

But don't just take my word for it!

Mike T. in Australia says, "Hi Dave, My copy of Damaged just landed safe n sound today... It looks fantastic in this printing! The vibrancy of the art and colour pallet really brings it alive. Good quality paper too. Keep up the good work! Loving it all."

Don M. in California says, "I got my copy today and I almost cried... It's soooo cool to see the pup community represented like this. And the story at the end gave me all the feels because I feel like that pup. I think I'm gonna put myself out on the sidewalk with a little sign that reads 'Free puppy to a good home'. :)"

you can check out an unpolished version on my Patreon page (un-tweaked art version)

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